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L'achat simple, professionnel, sur mesure.

You need a professional in your corner

Whether as your new home, that dream pièd-à-Terre, or as a long-term investment, we know that buying an apartment in Paris can be a complex procedure. We’re here to simplify.

From navigating a fragmented market (no MLS) and its unique customs to securing financing, through to a successful closing, the proven and professional methods at Alexander Studios, combined with over 10 years of local expertise, ensure the best possible outcome for you. Oh, and we can also help with your renovations, legal, and management needs through trusted partners.

- Alexander

How does the buying service work?

We're meticulous and driven by the details, from our first discussion to the closing. We give you access to the whole market and then seal the deal in your best interests. Your success is our success.

Due diligences
Prepare your dossier
Define your goals

Whether as a pied-à-Terre, investment property, or primary home, defining a clear strategy with an experienced agent, coherent with current market conditions, is the key first step of a successful project.

Securing an apartment starts long before the first viewing.  We help you with the best possible preparation so that when you find the right property, you’re ready to move fast, and stand out from the competition.

Now the fun begins, and despite the lack of MLS, we scour the whole market using our network built over nearly 10 years to present you the best properties available in and around your search criteria.

Would you represent yourself in court? Take out the emotion and leverage our Parisian market negotiation experience.  Our incentivised search structure makes sure that our interests are perfectly aligned.

For such an important purchase, there is zero margin for error. Working closely in tandem with the finest notaries in the city, we ensure that your acquisition is done in the best possible conditions regarding the apartment, building, and legal structure.

Property secured, keys in hand, we ensure that all your needs are met with access to a trusted network of movers, decorators, designers, property managers and contractors. Then, we celebrate!

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It all starts with a conversation...

Are you considering a purchase in Paris, or just curious to know the state of the market? Whatever the stage of your project, no strings attached, we’d love to talk…


To help you start to familiarise yourselves with the process, we’ve prepared a buying guide for you, and if you want to know more, ask us anything!

Start your Paris apartment journey here

You can find all our advice on buying in Paris on Alexander's Youtube Channel

Trouvez l'agent qu'il vous faut

Dans un marché où l’acheteur est souvent sans représentation pour sa plus grande acquisition, nos brokers/agents sourcent et sécurisent votre chez vous, pour vous. Avec une approche sur-mesure et un appui expérimenté sur l’ensemble du marché, nous défendons vos intérêts, et notre historique de succès le prouvent.



made to measure.

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